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At Red 3 Tech, we believe innovation is driven by designing with curiosity. And when an engineer is inspired, their inspiration needs custom solutions. No matter how uncommon the request is, Red 3 Tech will be there to help deliver your product to spec.

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Custom planetary and spur gearing solutions that mount to almost any motor flange size and shaft.

AC, BLDC, DC & Step

Put your design in motion with custom stepper, AC, or BLDC motors.

Custom Cables

Custom cables manufactured in the U.S. to address crush-resistant, low gas emissions, or shielding needs.


Measure precisely for repeatable accuracy. Linear and rotary encoders with incremental or absolute functions from small to large scale applications.


End-to-end drive and load shaft coupling in almost every size.

Servo Systems

Need power, speed, and precision? A servo motor and driver may be what your machine needs.

Controllers & Drivers

Stepper drivers, brushless controllers, and HMI/PLC control solutions for almost any application.

Linear Actuators & Components

Linear guides, rods, and actuators for straight-line systems.

With our expertise in custom solutions, Red 3 Tech treats each project as unique as the engineer that’s designing it. Let us help you with your next design.

“How you respond to the challenge in the second half will determine what you become after the game, whether you are a winner or a loser.”

From Start to Finish

We Deliver

With decades of experience in project management, product management, manufacturing, and design, Red 3 Tech understands the importance of communication and delivering products and solutions on-time.

Our engineers will work with you through each phase of the product life cycle from beginning to end. Red 3 Tech wants you to know your project is priority no matter how large or small.

Red 3 Tech aspires to go above-and-beyond your expectations. Give us a call and let us know what we can do for you.

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Focusing on the end user, Red 3 Tech ensures that your product is reliable. Sourcing quality parts and maintaining constant communication is what we do best.

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Industrial Automation


Customizing speed, precision, and repeatability. Red 3 Tech can help provide solutions for your manufacturing needs.

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Custom Specifications

We understand the needs of aerospace applications and can help source products that meet the demands without sacrificing quality.

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